QA Consulting Manifesto

Our Manifesto It is time to FOCUS. To show up and create. To write, transcreate, and craft. To dream and empower our messages. This blog is our own communication in action. Life in full value. THIS IS OUR SOLE & UNIQUE ART. It is very easy to write on a topic we are passionate about. We […]

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Know Your Value

STRIVE NOT TO BE A SUCCESS, BUT RATHER TO BE OF VALUE.  ALBERT EINSTEIN Nowadays some clients seem to know the PRICE of everything and the VALUE of nothing. We heartily feel that, sometimes, we have to EDUCATE the client. For most customers price by itself is not the key factor when a purchase is being considered. […]

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Why do You Need a Style Guide?

A Style Guide is a reference tool consisting of a set of rules about voice, style, sentence structure, and language usage, among others. It lets content communicators and translators know the preferred language elements for most effectively communicating with their target audience.  Style Guides are very common in translation, journalism, and business communication.  To ensure […]

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Language Specifications Are Vital

The American Translators Association published the translation buying guide, Translation: Standards for Buying a Non-Commodity, for translation buyers and sellers (both individuals and organizations). We would like to share this brief summary. Translation is not a commodity. If it were, it would be enough to say: “You need a translation? Go out and ask several translation service providers how much […]

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